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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Wes James

Wes James is a southern California stud with a rock hard body and cock that really stands up and demands attention. Raised by the beach, this sun kissed, soft-eyed hunk has plenty of confidence, and when he loosens up his shorts and exposes his meaty cock, it becomes obvious why

Wes sits perched on the bed, staring down at his rock hard member as he slowly plays with the shaft, teasing the head as he strokes away ... 


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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Marcus Mitchell

With his dark, very strong, masculine features, beefy, powerful, rugby player's body, and super thick uncut cock, straight lad Marcus Mitchell will def get pulses races for those who like their lads on the stocky side with girth in all the right places!

Starting off in his sports kit, Marcus gives his bulge a bit of squeeze, then takes off his top, revealing his broad, well built and slightly hairy chest. A bit more groping, then he slides his shorts down his hairy legs, working on the bulge in his white briefs, getting it thicker. 

Marcus pulls out his cock and balls, still semi, but it's a really thick slab of meat with plenty of foreskin and sticky with precum. As he slides his foreskin back and forth over the head, his dick gets even thicker. He plays with his fat cock nice and slow, showing it off to the camera. Giving us plenty of close up foreskin action, he jerks off for us, his beefy body hard and solid. 

On the sofa now, Marcus lays back, giving us a glimpse of his very hairy arse crack as he works on his dick, shiny with precum, and even harder than before, as thick as a beercan ...  ... 

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Sunday, 4 September 2016


If you’ve ever had a fantasy about getting it on with the sexy accountant in your office, Jason is for you. He may look conservative and respectable on the outside, but once his clothes come off Jason reveals himself to be a randy, dirty, tattooed sexual demon. Jason’s got an excitable cock which springs up when he’s being measured and gets turned on by showing himself off. This is the sort of filthy bastard you’d want to slip into the office toilets with for some afternoon fun.

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